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Mrs. Poonam Rao


Childhood is a wild garden where everything is the burst of celebration.

Living amidst children is bliss. Envisioning a perfect reality for children is an imperative responsibility for an Educator.

Children seldom think of their future, and this innocence and ignorance leave them free to enjoy the tiny miracles of life. Being educators, we need to guard their sterling innocence; nurture their beautiful persona: foster the values and virtues: and facilitate perfect learning atmosphere for our students. We need wake the dormant qualities and talents and bridge them with new techno world. For this, a new window must be created to explore the new horizon which is an indispensable call of the moment

TGEIPS is always on the lookout for a new aspect of learning. Under the noble guidance of our management the school has committed to impart quality education to children .Venturing novelty in teaching and discovering fascinating ides to keep abreast with the techno attitude of the students has been its priority

Indeed, IDS activities have indispensably helped us in our mission to accomplish our goals for a permanent global set –up. The collaboration opportunities have opened a completely new perspective towards learning where the four walled classroom is elevated to an international level with international students. The objectives like interaction resourceful work, collaboration , comparative study, students –oriented learning, and international dimension have helped us to lay a strong foundation for the magnificent edifice of global schooling and global living

The enthusiastic teachers and ever supporting parents are the pillars in our institution act as stake holders in all our ventures

Hope, we succeed in bringing the imaginary world ‘Utopia’ in to reality where the children across the world live their life in ‘Euphoria’